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By Dan Rotelli, President

Is paper king? In so many businesses, paper is still highly involved in everyday processes and transactions. But does this have to be the norm? Isn’t it time to (finally) dethrone paper? We think it is, and every day, we help customers do just that.

However, at BIS, we don’t design and deploy imaging solutions for customers simply to replace their paper documents with digital ones. Sure, the process starts by converting paper into digital images and data. But it cannot end there. Content management solutions aren’t meant to be used solely for paper reduction – what a waste that would be. Advanced technology has brought us automated workflow, enterprise search, business process management and other applications that extend the value of digital images and data. Yes, we can all benefit from a little less paper in our lives, but long-term business success with these projects lies in the ability to look beyond the “paperless” office dream and focus on ways to make your “less-paper” office more productive.

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Dan Rotelli

This Month: From Paper to Images to Processes

Beyond Electronic Storage and Retrieval
Enterprise Content Management systems have advanced to address specialized business needs – regardless of your organization’s size or budget. As such, if your company is looking at ECM solely as a means to reduce paper, you’re missing the big picture. The technology has evolved far beyond front-end capture. Workflow, integration, automation and business process management (BPM) help businesses become more productive, competitive and efficient. If you haven’t embraced the new technology, not only are you not getting the most out of your software investments – you’re losing money with every passing day.

The Paper Chase is Still a Drag
Paper remains an integral part of most business processes. But what if document capture were to be moved to the beginning of the process, whereby documents are immediately captured, intelligently analyzed using document recognition technologies and integrated into transactional business processes in real time? Truncating paper documents as soon as they are received can reduce the many points of failure in processing them. Transactional capture systems often provide the greatest benefit when they are part of the business processes they serve, and this occurs when information is captured at the earliest point in a workflow process.

Canon Document Capture Solutions

Canon imageFORMULA document scanners offer a broad array of benefits, including increased security, easier document storage, improved compliance and reduced paperwork.

DR-X10C Production Scanner

Fast, durable and reliable, the DR-X10C is perfect for document archiving, records management, and other centralized or consolidated scanning applications. It provides high-speed color scanning at up to 128 ppm (256 ipm), and boasts a resolution of up to 600 dpi. The DR-X10C also features Canon’s Three-Step Dust Prevention system, which helps remove and protect the scanning sensors from paper dust. It captures a variety of documents, with a maximum document size of 22” x 34”.

DR-9050C Production Scanner

A high-volume document management solution, the DR-9050C can scan at speeds up to 112 ppm (225 ipm) in color, grayscale and black and white. The DR-9050C captures images and text with clarity using three-line Contact Image Sensors at up to 600 dpi optical resolution, and incorporates a dust-free shading mechanism for exceptional quality. Developed with Canon’s unique feeding mechanism, the DR-9050C utilizes Ultrasonic Double Feed Detection, Rapid Recovery and Staple Detection to ensure reliable document scanning.

DR-6010C Departmental Scanner

Compactly designed and reliable, the DR-6010C provides high-speed scanning in both centralized and decentralized environments. It provides fast color scanning up to 60 ppm (120 ipm). It also features technology that allows the device to capture text from scanned documents by removing patterned backgrounds and by enhancing light-colored texts. The optional Flatbed 101, when attached to an imageFORMULA scanner, will accept thin or fragile documents, books or bound documents, and exceptionally thick documents.

DR-3010C Workgroup Scanner

The DR-3010C is Canon’s fastest and most reliable workgroup scanner. It is perfect for either mission-specific or casual use, in a wide variety of workflows. The imageFORMULA DR-3010C offers scanning speeds of up to 30 ppm (60 ipm).

ScanFront 220P Network Scanner

The ScanFront 220P offers an easy-to-use, standalone and secure solution for moving capture of hard-copy documents closer to the point of origin within the business process. It is ideal for decentralized or distributed scanning applications and for easily sharing documents via a network. The ScanFront 220P features an 8.4” color touch panel that allows for easy navigation as well as a preview of scanned images. It can scan letter-sized documents at up to 25 ppm, and captures color, grayscale and black and white images in various file formats including high compression and searchable PDF, TIFF and JPEG.

For more information about these and other award-winning Canon scanners, please contact your BIS sales representative or call 405.507.7000.

Team Members, Marriages, Babies and More!

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Newsletter Suggestions

Several BIS customers have asked us to provide new product release dates and end-of-life dates for product support in this newsletter. We think this is a great idea! We’re working on pulling this data together for all products for our April issue. To view EOL dates for EMC products now, click here. So, we got to thinking that more great ideas for this newsletter should come from you – our valued customers and readers! What else do you want to see in upcoming issues of The BIS Bulletin? Shout it out! We’re anxious to hear your suggestions! E-mail Us! We may feature your response in an upcoming issue of The BIS Bulletin. (Let us know if you prefer to remain anonymous.)

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EMC Recognized for Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility ranked EMC 19th on its 11th Annual 100 Best Corporate Citizens List. The list ranks companies based on their performance in seven categories: environment, climate change, human rights, philanthropy, employee relations, financial and governance. This year, EMC elevated its position on the list, breaking into the Top 20 for the first time in company history.

“This is a tremendous recognition for EMC and its employees, who have dedicated their time and energy to advance our sustainability initiatives,” said Kathrin Winkler, EMC’s Corporate Sustainability Officer. “We’re proud that our ranking improved from 48th in 2009 to 19th in 2010 and that we’re one of five IT companies in the List’s Top 20. But, we know there’s much more to do and are looking forward to continuous improvement on environmental and social sustainability objectives.”

Recognized by PR Week as one of America’s top three most-important business rankings, the 100 Best Corporate Citizens List is based on over 360 data points of publicly available information. Companies are selected from among the large-cap Russell 1000 companies. The 100 Best Corporate Citizens List’s open and transparent methodology is governed by a Methodology Committee of the Corporate Responsibility Officers Association.

For more information about EMC and its lineup of hardware and software products, please contact your BIS sales representative or call 405.507.7000.

Event Recap and Upcoming Events

North Texas Users Group

Nearly three dozen clients have joined the new BIS North Texas Users Group. The group met on March 4th at the Cool River Café in Irving, Texas, for demonstrations and discussions on products and features, as well as peer networking opportunities.

Jason McManus presented the AX 6.0 product and showed AXO (AX for MS Office), Workflow, IRM (Information Rights Management for AX), EMC Captiva Advanced Capture, AX for SharePoint, and discussed the roadmap for AX 6.5. Billy Hindman and Jeff Carnahan presented the SourceOne and Kazeon products. Tony Lugafet unveiled the new BIS Network Capture Kiosk, which was very popular with the group. Thanks to everyone who attended the March 4th event! Interested in joining the North Texas Users Group? Please e-mail Russ Parker at for more information.

Oklahoma Department of Human Services

The OKDHS Imaging Project started Phase I by imaging documents in 16 offices within the state. With the recent completion of Phase II, nearly 73 percent of the state’s OKDHS case load is available in digital form. Phase III will include the rest of the counties within the state. The imaging of case files and documents means gaining efficiencies to support clients and aiding clients in not being tied to the one caseworker who has their paper file. By going paperless, clients’ records can be accessed from multiple Oklahoma Human Services Centers.

To learn about imaging solutions that can help you effectively and efficiently deal with an ever-growing volume of paper, call 405.507.7000.

Meet Sara Kim

Sara Kim is the new administrative assistant for Team Birmingham. She joined BIS on February 22nd. Sara is a recent graduate of the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She has two pets – a maltese/poodle named Lola and a cat named Brody. Sara loves art, reading, shopping and traveling.

Contact Sara via e-mail or call 205.408.5693.

Team BIS Supports its Local Communities

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News and Rumors from Around the Web

It costs an average of $25,000 to fill a four-drawer filing cabinet and $2,100 per year to maintain it.

Has your maintenance contract lapsed? No problem! BIS can put your hardware and software back under an annual contract – even if your maintenance contract has lapsed and even if you didn’t purchase your hardware and software from BIS. For more information or to renew your maintenance contract today, contact John Bailey at 405.507.7000 x257 or e-mail

In the United States alone, companies spend between $65 and $85 billion every year to create, distribute, file and maintain paper documents.

The Average Organization …

  • Makes 19 copies of each document
  • Spends $20 in labor to file each document
  • Spends $120 in labor searching for a document
  • Loses one out of every 20 documents
  • Spends 25 hours recreating each lost document
Initiating a Request for Support

For service and support on your hardware and software, call 405.507.7006 or 888.408.5668. BIS support services are available Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM until 7:00 PM (CST).

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Career Opportunities with Team BIS

We are always on the lookout for motivated individuals to work in our Document Conversion Service Bureau in Edmond. Document imaging and microfilm conversion specialists are responsible for scanning documents, microfilm and microfiche; data entry and verification; document indexing; quality control; and other tasks. If you are interested in joining our fast-paced team, please complete our Employment Application and fax it to 405.848.1152 or e-mail it to